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The Mind - Understanding your superpower

(Originally posted on Jan 22, 2021)

The last few months have been quite a challenge for most of us. As if life was not hard enough before, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic which tests us at all levels of our existence. Those of us who have already struggled with personal issues that cause intrusive thoughts of past experiences and burdens, fears of the future and self doubt, have only gotten worse as the world's uncertainty looms.

Lack of work, job losses, overburdened with time constraints and performance requirements, we all feel the mounting pressures. Everyday internal and external 'heat' is added in the small enclosure and our insides feel the bursting as an imminent threat to our wellbeing. But how do we manage these emotions? What effect will these feelings have on our bodies and our futures? How do we overcome these and lead a happier life even though society seems to be imploding?

The secret is within us. Our mind is our super power. Like every super-hero story, the lead character starts out as a troubled youth who discovers their hidden potential. He/She then explores, learns and trains to harness this new found super power so they can ultimately have full control over it and use it at times of necessity. Our mind is no different. The beauty of our mind is that it is a complex interaction between the power of our brain, a very physical part of our being, and our emotional and psychological response to the environment we find ourselves in. Understanding the anatomy, biochemistry and physiology of our brain demonstrates the remarkable capabilities that lie within it. The brain has the ability to fill in blanks that are present in our reality, make seemingly 'random' connections between similarities of words or thoughts that we do not consciously perceive, and it can be moulded and re-moulded to constantly create our perception of reality based on the input we provide. So how we perceive our lives starts with the information we download, upload and input within ourselves. By recognising that we ultimately have control over our perception of the world we live in, we can over come states of anxiety, depression, move from eating unhealthy food to craving foods that are better for us, taking ourselves out of a defensive role and giving us the advantage of playing offence in our workplace. In actuality we cannot control situations and circumstances but we can control our response and this is what defines us and our path. An added layer of beauty is that we can start today to reshape what our future looks like. Our circumstances do not define us, our level of awareness and consciousness does. This is the approach we use at Noor Corporate Health. Our consults in health and in the workplace, incorporate unleashing the hidden potential in all of us to live happy and meaningful lives. Yes, we tackle the issues at hand, but for us wellness is an investment into a successful and happy future. We all deserve more than to simply exist in our surroundings. We deserve to at least have the knowledge, that a super power exists within us.

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