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Mental Health Intervention Report 1

Noor Corporate Health is working with the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) to advance mental health policy in the UAE. This is the first published report through this collaboration. Click to download the full report.


Summary: Mental health awareness has grown significantly during this pandemic, and efforts to establish public health protocols to support this area have been present for a few years prior. However, given the higher burden of mental health-related conditions and systemic global issues, including limitations in policy and access to trained professionals, we identified the need to expand the approach towards mental health through supportive well-being interventions. The initial phase focused on designing a well-being intervention with the idea of assessing its impact to aid the development of more elaborate workplace enhancements that could improve community well-being and lessen the impact of stigma associated with mental health. This report discusses the findings and provides further recommendations.