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Noor Corporate Health strives to improve well-being at various levels of society. As such, we contribute and collaborate at global and governmental levels to advance our cause. Health and well-being are key features of a sustainable future with Health Promotion and Occupational Health as vital parts of the human eco-system. We bring about change through innovation and evidence based approaches.

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Supportive Self-Care Packages for employees in Isolation/ Quarantine/ Lockdown. Designed by Medical, Psychology and Financial experts to meet the needs of our time.

Online Workshop
Resilience Workshops

Resilience building is a must in these times. Our workshops are designed by Medical, Psychology and Finance experts who create interactive and informative sessions to boost resilience.

Teacher with Students
Wellbeing in Education

Out of passion and purpose and to meet the special demands placed on staff and students, we have embarked upon Whole-System School-based strategies that will enhance present and future societal wellbeing.

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We constantly engage in community outreach by writing and publishing articles, blogs, conducting webinars, live events and volunteer services.